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Apollo to create a more beautiful world
For more than 40 years,
Apollo Industries has been on the path of
designing, researching, developing, manufacturing
and producing cosmetics, pharmaceutical packages, comprehensive daily necessities and farming materials.

Since its founding in 1976, Apollo Industries has grown into a trusted and honest company based on research and development for creation and constant challenge. Beginning with domestic production of trigger spray by domestic technology development, packaged products used in various pumps, spray, functional products used in cosmetics, medicines, household products, etc., are recognized for their excellent technology and quality in domestic and overseas markets.

In 1999, we started to acquire KSA / ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001, ISO22716 and other quality and environmental management systems, and achieved customer satisfaction with optimal quality and technology. Based on our technology and quality, our products continue to grow in value through steadfast trust through active supply of products to global companies including Japan, USA, South America, Southeast Asia, Australia and Hong Kong.

The three promises of the Apollo industry
We will respect the opinions of our customers with new ideas, and we will always improve our product quality with our researching attitude and creative thinking.
We will show our faith to our customers with better products with constant efforts of ourselves and the challenge to develop.
With high quality and design, various products, reasonable price, we will approach our customers as honest and trustworthy company by reflecting customers' requirements and problem improvement.
We will continue to be Apollo industry thinking from the standpoint of customers.
All employees