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Apollo to create a more beautiful world
Apollo Industries Co., Ltd. develops products as comprehensive household products and agricultural equipment manufacturers as well as total packaging specialized in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals such as foam cleanser, shampoo, conditioner, cleansing oil, skin lotion, essence, hair & body mist, deodorant. In order to achieve the high quality, we have established R&D center and are concentrating on developing unique and creative products.

Since its founding, Apollo Industries has grown from being a trustworthy and honest company based on its research and development for creativity and constant challenge. We have expanded our selection by providing various types of foaming products using various applicators by using the mechanism of forming pump based on enriched technology as well as various daily necessities of everyday life and agricultural and livestock industry equipments. We have been recognized in local, Korea and abroad by further developing the technology and quality by developing high-quality spray, ultra fine mist.

In 1999, we began to acquire the ISO 9001 quality management system certification, and we have continuously established quality and environmental management systems such as ISO 14001, ISO 15383, and ISO 22716 to realize customer satisfaction in optimum quality and technology. Our products are supplied to global companies located in Europe like France, England, Germany, Spain and Italy, United States, Central and South America, as well as China, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong with high technology and quality. We continue to value growth based on steady trust.

The three promises of the Apollo industry
We will respect the opinions of our customers with new ideas, and we will always improve our product quality with our researching attitude and creative thinking.
Apollo industry gives pleasure to all customers with constant effort and progressive challenge for future product development.
With high quality and design, various products, reasonable price, we will approach our customers as honest and trustworthy company by reflecting customers' requirements and problem improvement.
We will continue to be Apollo industry thinking from the standpoint of customers.
All employees