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Apollo to create a more beautiful world
Apollo Industry Sponsorship: Ansan City Volunteer Center
Date. 2018-12-10
-Sharing a Business with a Community for a Warm Winter-

In the wake of the cold year that continued to come this year, Apollo Industry, the head of the local community, delivered household goods for the underprivileged to the Ansan Community Service Center (Hong Hee-sung, chairman).

Apollo Industries is the first Korean household goods manufacturer to be recognized for its excellent technical skills in spray and pumps, which were produced by Korea's first technology, and has decided to join the sponsorship this year following last year, and sponsored products worth 540 new bottles of water in 2018 when no harmful substances are detected.

At the ceremony, Lee Tae-won, director of Itaewon, said, "Although it was difficult to research and development, I am happy to share high-quality new products with the underprivileged, and with the company's continued interest in the region, we should create a warm world with our neighbors." The Ansan Community Service Center, sponsored by local companies, will deliver the materials to families of the disabled and the underprivileged on Dec. 20.

Ansan/Janghee Reporter