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Apollo to create a more beautiful world
Apollo's various products are ODM / OEM development system,
and we strive for the best quality and customer satisfaction.
Original Development & Design Manufacturing
1.Customer Consultation Request
2. Business consultation
3. Business contract
4. Design development
and sample product confirmation
5. Establishment of product development
and sales strategy
6. Welding of subsidiary materials
7. Production
8. Delivery of goods
Original Equipment Manufacturing
1.Customer Consultation Request
2. Business consultation
3. Business contract
4. Establishment of product development
and sales strategy
5. Welding, wearing auxiliary materials
6. Production
7. Delivery of goods
Manufacturing process
In order to meet the future value of the future and the needs of the consumers, we are operating the Idea Bank System to make products that can be used satisfactorily with various ideas and know-how.
R & D
Based on the condensed technology of professional manpower composed of high-quality human resources capable of precise and fine structure design, we operate an R & D center to develop and supply high technology, high-quality products and customized products.
With the accumulation of technology and know-how since 1976, we have a high level of resources, development capability and infrastructure capable of handling all processes from product development to design, prototype production, and mold production. We are in charge of high-quality foundation by maintaining optimized environment and maintaining immediate production environment.
Each injection molding machine is equipped with automatic take-out robots and conveyor belts to apply the clean system that completely blocks scratches, foreign matter, and contamination from the initial quality of parts Provides the foundation of perfect product production in the optimal environment by systematically managing the maintenance and maintenance by operating a facility maintenance team composed of technicians who have high precision and high performance, We are doing.
Purchasing / Post-processing
We have the purchasing power to manufacture and sour all kinds of domestic and foreign parts of plastic parts. We also provide optimized solutions for all parts from mold development to manufacturing, post-processing and assembly at the time of new product development. We also offer products that meet customer needs (printing, coating, stamping, thermal transfer, metal, shrinking, labeling, etc.) by proposing
Production / Assembly
With the optimal production system from the customer's point of view, we are realizing timely supply and best quality control according to customer characteristics from small quantity production to mass production, and we are transforming into smart factory production site capable of collecting real time data. We are always producing the best products through the best manufacturing system with our customers.
Quality Management
We utilize abundant human resources with accumulated technology and know-how for the best quality, and thoroughly manage the defect rate "0" through skilled and thorough inspection and follow-up management. In particular, we are applying strict and systematic quality assurance system to all products through international standard ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CGMP 22716, ISO 15378 certification.
We have a large number of vehicles dedicated to delivery, and by means of a systematic logistics management system, we will deliver the same day to all customers in the metropolitan area as well as the one-day living zone. In order to be supplied everywhere in the whole country including Jeju Island, We practice.