• Multipurpose product
    ALCHAN Series
    Wheel type of Alchan 40 L / Wheel type of Alchan 20 L / Gold version of Alchan

    - With using motor type, fine particle is sprayed

    - Rechargeable battery for long period used

  • Ergonomics Design
    >Ergonomic Series
    Yamoojin / Ddoldori / Gatteuni / Hyodo

    - Small compression loads to spray large amount

    - Easy to use, Durable

  • Accurate and uniformly spray, convenience to adjust direction
    Fertilizer Spreader Series
    Bipa Sudong / Bipa Gold

    - Easy to load agricultural fertilizer, convenience adjust the volume

    - Less noise, semi-permanent product

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The healthy passion of nature.
Knowing the benefits and preciousness, we are with moment of nature.
Apollo+Farm always shares the values and the approaches better lifestyle.
The healthy passion of nature.
Apollo strives to build trust and faith for healthy values.
Always face to struggle the study of the sustainability, and constantly think about the environmental impact and green issue.
The healthy passion of nature.
We focus on the essence and strive to realize a sustainable lifestyle.
Apollo+farm manufactures better daily products.
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Keeping create values for
customer and society.
Step toward nature healthy
Apollo+Farm constantly strives to aim better lifestyle and
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