We will always strive to be a successful business partner, an honest company with customer satisfaction and trust
n year of 1960, the economy of Korea declined dramatically and people faces difficulty for daily life. However Apollo XI was the one of the spaceflight member who landed first humans on the Moon on 20th of July, in 1969 and this dramatic news led C.E.O. to attach great moral importance for refreshing my life.
Mr. Neil Armstrong who is the first human to step forward to the moon, and he left his message “This is a step for a human being but left a great leap for mankind. At the same time, C.E.O. was only 23 years old, however he was totally impressed by Mr. Neil Armstrong’s message and his great experience. Moreover this great impression led the C.E.O. steps forward to develop special pump for cosmetic market and contributed the present for Korean domestic market.
We are moving forward towards our dreams, with challenges and hopes in our hearts.
  • Chairman
    We will become a trusted and honest company.
    Chairman Lee Yong-dae
  • Vice Chairman
    We will become Apollo Industries that gives trust and trust.
    Vice Chairman Lee Yong-jik
  • president
    We will do our best to become a trusted company.
    CEO Lee Jae-kyung