Management Philosophy
Apollo strives to lead the "customer first top priority" management policy to treat customers with trust and honesty, meet customer’s wants and needs with continuous innovation and improve customer’s quality of life through excellent products.
01.Collaboration with Customers
Technology Innovation
Customer’s Impression
A company’s competitiveness and values is to accumulate knowledge and capabilities through continuous research and development.
Therefore we always strive to lead the innovative market through continuous research and development.
As we collaborated partnership with customer to provide the best service.
02. Improving Employee’s Skills
Mind Innovation
Zero Defects Management
We respect individual’s unique values and abilities and set teamwork to create positive organizational cultural in the work area.
Also we are striving with adventurous mind to develop the product.
03. Technology Innovation
Quality Management Innovation
Quality Technology First
Apollo strives to make good products as faithful partner for customers, and trying to make products that customers can trust.
Based on open thinking and expertise, we respond to technological changes and focus on providing best services.