Production Procedures
Forward-thinking from well made product
Apollo has the competitive edge of sourcing and high quality development capabilities of Cosmetics Packaging and Household Goods of plastic.
From product ideas, design, molding, production to logistics, we provide a total solution for products that customers want and need.
In addition, we provide high quality products that meet the customers’ standard through continuous change and innovation.
  • Customer
    Request & design
  • R&D
  • Molding
  • Injection
  • Post processing
  • Production &
  • Quality
  • Logistic
Product Planning and Design
  • 14days
Product Planning and Design Conception & design
The design team members of Apollo Industrial operate a differentiated process to create a product with various ideas and know-how to meet the continuous future values and customers needs. In addition we provide creative products and ideas by analyzing trends and customer’s needs.
Idea Conception Sequence
The Design Planning Process
Design Follow up
  • Research
  • Brainstorming
  • Idea Sketch
    2D Rendering
  • 3D Modelling
    Mock-up Sample.
Design Achievements
Certificate of Trademark Registration
  • Curalab
  • Apollo+Beauty, Living, Farm
Certificate of Design Registration
  • Twist Mist, Essence
  • Push Type Of The Foaming Pump
Good Design
  • 2018 Monosil
  • 2003 Leaf Shape Of The Bottle
  • 35days
The R&D team member of Apollo Industrial operates R&D center for development and supply of technology, high-quality products and customized products based on the high quality professionals capable of precise and micro-structure design. In addition, through professional knowledge of molds, we design and develop productive products by reviewing problem solving, and functionality of the product.
Lab Advantages
R&D center’s core characteristic and strength
  • Structure Design precise micro structure
  • Stability Review continues stability
  • Funtionality professional technical skills
  • Injection analysis analysis injection molding’s program
The R&D team member of Apollo Industrial strives to investigate the technology development by continuous study.
R&D Achievements
  • Capable of discharged multiple contents in once
  • Mechanism of trigger
  • push function of the head.
Certificate Of Utility Model Registration
  • Dispenser Pump For Liquid Bottle.
Technical Copyright
  • The Locking Mechanism Of Trigger
  • Pressing Bottle Foam Generator
Mold Development
  • 45days
Mold Development Molding
Since 1976, with the accumulation of technologies, we handle the process of the product developments such as design, prototype, and mold production through maintaining an optimized environment and manage to maintain the mold operated by Apollo and partner companies for deploy by an immediate production environment.
Production facility
Production facility
  • Machine Clean environment for high precision processing of molds
  • Milling Milling the plane and curved surfaces
  • Computer Numerical Control Control product with digital control machine
  • Cutting Machine Machine the gap of the stepped area and keep a certain distance during machining
  • Conta Cutting Machine Cutting Wood, Aluminum, Steel
Based on accumulation research, became a trustworthy partner.
Injection Molding Department
  • 12days
Injection Molding Department Injection
Installed automatic injection robots and conveyor belts for each of injection molding machine to avoid scratches and contamination. Operating the latest high-function facilities with excellent precision, and operates a separate facility maintenance team consisting of engineers with accumulated experience and technology to institutionalize regular inspections and preventive inspections, providing the basis for perfect product production in an optimal environment.
  • 01
    Managing Clean-Room
    Managing clean room at the injection site to avoid any quality issue during production.
  • 02
    Continuously Invest facility
    In order to increase the completeness of injection, investing facility
  • 03
    Monitoring System In Production Site
    Manage all injection equipment by using production monitoring system in production facility
  • 04
    Smart Factory
    Currently, aim to operate the smart factory with upgrading second stage.
Lab Advantages
Lab Advantages
  • 01
    Dispenser Pump
    Oil Pump
    Essence Pump
  • 02
    Mist Spray
    Perfume Spray
    Inverted Spray
  • 03
    Foaming Pump
    Foaming Pump  w
  • 04
    Form Type
    Spray Type
    Foam/Spray Type
Operating 25 electric injection machines and 38 hydraulic injection machines
in the production sites

Operating two shifts from Monday to Friday in accordance with the Labor Standards.

Purchasing Department / Post-Process
  • 14days
Purchasing Department / Post-Process Post processing
Qualified manufacturing and sourcing all domestic and foreign plastic product, and provide total solution including mold development, manufacturing, post-processing and assembly. In addition, we propose all areas of plastic post-processing according to the characteristics of the product to meet customer’s request.
Post processing list
Post-Process’s List
  • 01
    Available various shapes, patterns, printing and post-process
  • 02
    IR Printing
    Improve print’s durability, High Level of the Color’s Implementation
  • 03
    UV Silk Printing
    High Level of the Color’s Implementation, Variety range of dose improves the high quality
  • 04
    UV Silk Printing / Halftone
    High Level of the Color’s Implementation, Variety range of dose improves the high quality
  • 05
    UV Silk Printing / Flame Treatment / Hot Stamping
    Improve Printing’s Adherent (Flame Treatment / PP,PE), Variety range of dose improves the high quality, implement various hot stamping (thickness, fonts, pattern, colors)
  • 06
    Available label including the various type of the printing and post-process
  • 07
    Glossy Coating
    Available the various level of the transparency
  • 08
    Gradation Matt Coating
    Available Gradation Coating
    Available the various level of the transparency
  • 09
    Gradation Glossy Coating
    Gradient Coating
    Available the various level of the transparency
  • 10
    Matt Coating / Pearl
    Available the various level of the transparency
  • 11
    Metal Coating
    Available the metal color’s coating (Pearl, Metal)
  • 12
    SF Coating
    Soft Fell Touch 구현을 위한 특수 코팅
  • 13
    Matt Vacuum Metallization
    Available Multiple Color
    Implementation after Deposition
  • 14
    Glossy Vacuum Metallization
    Available Multiple Color
    Implementation after Deposition
  • 15
    Available various forms of shrinkage
    Available various type of material, printing and post-process
  • 16
    Available the various type of hot stamping such as thickness, fonts, pattern, color
  • 17
    Matt Hot-Stamping
    Available the various type of hot stamping such as thickness, fonts, pattern, color
  • 18
    Thermal Transfer Printing
    Available Multiple Fonts and Shape
    ( ex : wood, ston)
  • 19
    AL Color Eetal Work
    Available Multiple Fonts and Shape
    Printing, Post-processing, Hairline
  • 20
    Laser Cutting
    Available Multiple Fonts and Shape with Laser Cutting
Automation Production Facility And Assembly
  • 15days
Automation Production Facility And Assembly Production & Assembly
By building an optimal production system, we are capable of production from small-volume to mass and provide timely supply the best quality management for customer’s point of view. We always produce the best products through the best manufacturing system with our customers.
  • 01
    Running Clean Room In Plant
    Operating clean rooms at the injection sire to avoid any issues during production.
  • 02
    Separated Assembly and Packaging
    Operating separated assembly and packaging line
  • 03
    Automatic Speed Door
    Avoiding the contamination, automatic speed doors were installed.
  • 04
    Air shower-room
    Preventing the contamination, the air shower rooms were installed at the entrance of the facility
Production Capacity
Production Capacity
Installed 53 automatic inspection machine and 6 semi-automatic inspection machine
Operating two shifts from Monday to Friday in accordance with the Labor Standards.
  • Dispenser Pump
  • Essence,Oil,Remover
  • Mist,Perfume
  • Trigger
  • Foaming
  • 2/3.5cc Pump
(1 Year / Unit Standard : ea)
  • Automatic production system
    Applying 45 years of technology know-how
    45years of Technology Know-How
  • Top Cosmetic Pump and Spray Manufacturer
    Top production ability among domestic cosmetic pump and spray manufacturers
    Top Production Ability
  • Major Pump’s Manufacturer
    Established four major types of the pumps such as foaming, dispenser, mist, and trigger’s production lines
    Foaming, Dispenser,
    Mist, Trigger
  • Maximum production of mist pumps
    We produce mist products, which are the basic mechanism of perfume pumps.
Quality Assurance
  • 10days
Quality Assurance Quality Management
Aiming zero defect rate through skillful and meticulous inspection, manages the top of the quality with accumulated technologies, abundant human resources and know-how.

Keeping systematic quality guarantee system through certified ISO 9001, 14001, 15378 and CGMP 22716

Quality Applications
Quality Test Equipment
  • Constant Temperature Chamber
    Test Of Constant Temperature
    Checking functional OK/NG test at constant temperature for a long time
  • Depressurizer
    Leakage Test-
    Checking leakage test with filling the product with distilled water in the depressurizer chamber
  • Scale Instrument
    Checking Dosage Test
    Checking the exact amount of the dosage with scale instrument
  • Push Pull Gaug
    Press Pressure Test, Removal Test
    Checking pressure when pressing the head of the pump, removal force when opening the over-cap, removal force when removing hose or head.
  • Cam Scott
    Microscope & Measuring Size
    Enlarge the product and measure the dimension of the small component.
  • Pumping Test Instrument
    Pumping Reliability test
    The continuous pumping issue needs to be checked frequently whenever pump faces issue.
  • Torque Test Equipment
    Application Torque / Removal Force
    Rotate the shoulder part of the pump and measure the application torque and over-cap removal torque
  • Vernier Calipers
    Measuring The Scales
    Measuring Product’s Scales
Puality Shipment procedure
The Procedure Of Quality Inspection
Recently Apollo implemented a concept of smart factory, supply delivery on time from small volume to massive production part and best manufacturing quality control for the customer’s characteristics
  • 01
    Injection Molding
  • 02
    Inspection Of Subsidiary Materials
  • 03
    Assembly Of Semi-Finished products
  • 04
    Inspection Of Semi-Finished Products
  • 05
    Assembly Of Automatic Lines
  • 06
    Functional Inspection
  • 07
    Process Inspection
  • 08
    Total Appearance Inspection
  • 09
  • 10
    Final Inspection, Delivery
Logistics & Delivery
  • 5days
Logistics & Delivery Logistic
Based on a systematic logistics management systems, delivery products on time covering metropolitan area and thoroughly practices customer first management policies that supply in a timely manner.
Production facility
Production facility
By systematizing its logistic system, trying to ensure that products are delivered to customers quickly